4. Thinner Than A Crescent

English Bihar Board Class 10th Mvvi Objective Question Answer 2024 Thinner Than A Crescent questions answer

[ 1 ] Radha’s joy may come ……………
(A) again
(B) back
(C) before
(D) late
Ans:- (A) again

[ 2 ] Radha each day grows …………..
(A) bigger
(B) thinner
(C) taller
(D) fatter
Ans:-(B) thinner

[ 3 ] Whose problems are talked about in the poem “Thinner than a Crescent”?
(A) Radha’s
(B) Radha’s friends
(C) Lord Krishna’s
(D) Village folk’s
Ans:-(A) Radha’s

[ 4 ] Vidyapati’s poems are about Radha
(A) Ram
(B) Sita
(C) Krishna
(D) Vishnu
Ans:- (C) Krishna

[ 5 ] Vidyapati belongs to
(A) Mathura
(B) Mahisi
(C) Madhubani
(D) Masaurhi
Ans:-(C) Madhubani

[ 6 ] In the poem “Thinner than a crescent’, where is Radha crying ?
(A) On the bank
(B) In the river
(C) In the lake
(D) None of these
Ans:-(A) On the bank

[ 7 ] Radha is crying for …………….
(A) her friend
(B) her sister
(C) Ram
(D) Lord Krishna
Ans:-(D) Lord Krishna

[ 8 ] Radha looks like …………
(A) sharper than the crescent in the sky
(B) thinner than the crescent in the sky
(C) wider than the crescent in the sky
(D) Bigger than the crescent in the sky
Ans:-(B) thinner than the crescent in the sky

[ 9 ] As reported by her friend, Radha is …….
(A) ill
(B) hurt and confused
(C) happy
(D) laughing
Ans:-(B) hurt and confused

[ 10 ] Where does Radha brood ?
(A) In the forest
(B) In her house
(C) In the garden
(D) On the bank of a river
Ans:-(D) On the bank of a river

[ 11 ] The poem deals with the pitiable condition of ………
(A) Lord Krisha
(B) a friend of Radha
(C) Radha
(D) Gopi
Ans:-(C) Radha

[ 12 ] Who is Madhav ?
(A) Lord Krishna’s envy
(B) A follower of Lord Krishna
(C) Lord Krishna’s friend
(D) The name of Lord Krishna
Ans:-(D) The name of Lord Krishna

[ 13 ] This poem is in the form of a ……………
(A) speech
(B) conversation
(C) report
(D) letter
Ans:-(C) report

[ 14 ] In the poem ‘Thinner than a crescent’, Radha each day grows ………
(A) fatter
(B) thinner
(C) bigger
(D) smaller
Ans:-(B) thinner

[ 15 ] Vidyapati was a great poet of ..
(A) Maithili
(B) Hindi
(C) English
(D) Oriya
Ans:-(A) Maithili

[ 16 ] Where was Vidyapati born ?
(A) Benipatti
(B) Benipur
(C) Bithan
(D) Bisapi
Ans:-(D) Bisapi

[ 17 ] To whom does the friend of Radha make a report ?
(A) Ram
(B) Krishna
(C) Shiva
(D) Bal Ram
Ans:-(B) Krishna

[ 18 ] Who has run to Lord Krishna ?
(A) Radha’s friend
(B) Radha’s sister
(C) Radha’s mother
(D) Radha’s aunt
Ans:- (A) Radha’s friend

[ 19 ] Radha is separated from Krishna for.
(A) four days
(B) eight days
(C) fifteen days
(D) several days
Ans:-(D) several days

[ 20 ] Lord Krishan had not met for sometime. ..
(A) Vidyapati
(B) Sudama
(C) Yashoda
(D) Radha
Ans:-(D) Radha

[21 ] Thinner than a Crescent’, has been composed by :
(A) Vidhyadhar Pandit
(B) Kalidas
(C) Vidhyapati
(D) Tulsidas
Ans:-(C) Vidhyapati

[ 22 ] Radha’s tears adha’s tears in the poem “thinner nan a crescent has created —
(A) a pool
(B) a sea
(C) Vidhyapati
(D) a lake
Ans:-(C) Vidhyapati

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