5. The Empty Heart

English Class 10th The Empty Heart objective question answer 2024 vvi Bihar Board

[ 1 ] Which tree had the power to grant, wishes in the poem “The Empty Heart’.
(A) Pipal
(B) Banyan
(C) Neem
(D) Kalpaka
Ans:-(D) Kalpaka

[ 2 ] The tree granted him silver pots full of………
(A) gold
(B) coins
(C) jewellery
(D) diamond
Ans:-(A) gold

[ 3 ] Periasamy Thooran was a distinguished …………… writer.
(A) Bengali
(B) Bhojpuri
(C) Marathi
(D) Tamil
Ans:-(D) Tamil

[ 4 ] What made him mad ?
(A) Greedy tendency
(B) Excessive desire
(C) Insatiable greed
(D) Wrecked health
Ans:-(B) Excessive desire

[ 5 ] Who did the rich man pray to in the poem ‘The Empty Heart’ ?
(A) The pots of gold
(B) The Wish-yielding Tree
(C) The king
(D) God
Ans:-(B) The Wish-yielding Tree

[ 6 ] The poem “The Empty Heart’ tells about the problems caused by …………
(A) poverty
(B) content
(C) greed
(D) anger
Ans:-(D) anger

[ 7 ] In the poem “The Empty Heart’a rich man prayer was gravited … :
(A) Sevenfold
(B) Eightfold
(C) Sixfold
(D) None of these
Ans:-(A) Sevenfold

[ 8 ] According to the poem ‘The Empty Heart’ which of the following statements is true ?
(A) The man was given six pots
(B) Periyasamy Thooran was a Bengali writer
(C) The man was not satisfied because he was greedy.
(D) The poem “The Empty Heart’ has been translated by S. Swaminathan
Ans:-(C) The man was not satisfied because he was greedy.

[ 9 ] The richman wrecked his ……….
(A) desire
(B) pitchers
(C) car
(D) health
Ans:- (D) health

[ 10 ] At the end of the poem what happened to the richman in the poem “The Empty Heart’ ?
(A) He became poor
(B) He died
(C) He became wealthy
(D) He became healthy
Ans:-(B) He died

[ 11 ] Eating, drinking and sleep he ……….
(A) did
(B) shirked
(C) passed
(D) left
Ans:-(B) shirked

[ 12 ] Periasamy Thooran was born in …….
(A) 1908
(B) 1907
(C) 1906
(D) 1905
Ans:-(A) 1908

[ 13 ] The poem “The Empty Heart’ highlights a great human ………..
(A) boldness
(B) greatness
(C) weakness
(D) promptne
Ans:-(C) weakness

[ 14 ] The poem is the translation of Tamil poem ………..
(A) Kurari Kudam
(B) Aparajto
(C) Kudam
(D) Yama
Ans:-(A) Kurari Kudam

[ 15 ] Greed is ……….. but life is not.
(A) good
(B) bad
(C) worthy
(D) endless
Ans:-(D) endless

[ 16 ] The discontented man prayed for ……..
(A) one pot of gold
(B) two pots of gold
(C) seven pots of gold
(D) eight pots of gold
Ans:- (A) one pot of gold

[ 17 ] The demon desire now made him …….
(A) sad
(B) pleased
(C) mad
(D) happy
Ans:-(C) mad

[ 18 ] The man tried all tricks to gather …….
(A) jewellery
(B) gold
(C) silver
(D) diamonds
Ans:-(B) gold

[ 19 ] In the poem “The Empty Heart’, what did the pitchers contain ?
(A) silver coins
(B) gold coins
(C) brass coins
(D) metal coins
Ans:-(B) gold coins

[ 20 ] There was a ……… which had the power to grant wishes-
(A) snake
(B) pigeon
(C) tree
(D) temple
Ans:-(C) tree

[ 21 ] The Poet narrates the story of a ……….
(A) Poorman
(B) healthy man
(C) rich man
(D) greedy man
Ans:-(D) greedy man

[ 22 ] The man was rich but he was not ……….
(A) content
(B) proud
(C) happy
(D) fool
Ans:-(A) content

[ 23 ] Harder and harder he tried, but ………
(A) became mad
(B) became senseless
(C) failed
(D) died
Ans:-(D) died

[ 24 ] Periasamy was awarded ……………
(A) Bharat Ratna
(B) Padma Bhushan
(C) Padma Bibhushan
(D) Padmshri
Ans:-(B) Padma Bhushan

[ 25 ] The Empty Heart’ has been composed by—
(A) Periyasamy Thooran
(B) Keki. N. Daruwala
(C) Sarojini Naidu
(D) Mahadevi Verma
Ans:-(A) Periyasamy Thooran

[ 26 ] In the poem “The Empty Heart, the prayer was granted—
(A) theree fold
(B) seven fold
(C) five fold
(D) nine fold
Ans:-(B) seven fold

[ 27 ] In the poem “The Empty Heart’, to whom did the man bid good bye ?
(A) His Mother
(B) His wife
(C) His Children
(D) His Mother, Wife and Children
Ans:-(D) His Mother, Wife and Children

[ 28 ] How many pots of gold were given to the man in the poem ‘The Empty Heart ?
(A) Seven
(B) Six
(C) Five
(D) Eight
Ans:-(A) Seven

[ 29 ] The Empty Heart’ speaks about-
(A) Happiness
(B) Greed
(C) Sorrow
(D) Fear
Ans:-(B) Greed

[ 30 ] In the poem “The Empty Heart, the man was rich, but not ……….
(A) wealthy
(B) worthy
(C) content
(D) clever
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Ans:-(C) content

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