Quality Objective Questions Answer

1. According to the doctor, Mr. Gessler had died of

(A) food
(B) bad food
(C) sldw-starvation
(D) None of these

Answer ⇒ C

2. Whatever Mr. Gessler earned was spent in

(A) Roti and dal
(B) bread and butter
(C) rent and leather
(D) shoes and boots
Answer ⇒ C

3. How did the author know him?

(A) As an artist
(B) As a professional shoe trader
(C) As a commercial artist
(D) None of these
Answer ⇒ A

4. What was the author’s opinion about Mr. Gessler as a shoe maker?

(A) Man of good nature
(B) Made good boots
(C) Jealous in nature
(D) All of the above
Answer ⇒ B

5. Mr. Gessler was not successful in his trade, why?

(A) He was a true shoe-maker but not a true businessman
(B) He was not in favour of new developments
(C) He avoided to adopt new techniques
(D) All
Answer ⇒ D

6. Mr. Gessler was a ……………… bootmaker.

(A) Russian
(B) German
(C) French
(D) English
Answer ⇒ B

7. For Mr Gessler, bootmaking was alan

(A) Art
(B) Burden
(C) Job
(D) Timepass
Answer ⇒ A

8. Mr. Gessler blamed the big firms for taking away the livelihood of …………….. like himself who worked on a low scale.

(A) Shopkeepers
(B) Landowners
(C) Bearers
(D) Workers
Answer ⇒ D

9. When the author visited Mr. Gessler’s shop after a gap of nearly two years, he found another …………….. name also painted on one of the windows of the shop.

(A) Bootmaker’s
(B) Baker’s
(C) Florist’s
(D) Plumber’s
Answer ⇒ A

Quality Objective Questions Answer 2024

10. The young man admitted that Mr. Gessler was the best bootmaker in

(A) Berlin
(B) Tokyo
(C) Paris
(D) London
Answer ⇒ D

11. Mr. Gessler’s shop was situated in

(A) Yorkshire
(B) the West End
(C) Canaught Place
(D) Park street
Answer ⇒ B

12. Mr. Gessler’s shop was known by the name of ……………….

(A) Gessler Boots
(B) Quality Boots
(C) Gessler Brothers
(D) none of these
Answer ⇒ C

13. According to Mr. Gessler, big firms have no …….

(A) money
(B) manner
(C) interest
(D) self-respect

Answer ⇒ D
14. Why did Mr. Gessler die ?

(A) due to his disease
(B) due to slow-starvation
(C) due to oldness
(D) none of these
Answer ⇒ B

15. John Galsworthy was born in

(A) 1867
(B) 1857
(C) 1847
(D) 1876
Answer ⇒ A

16. John Galsworthy was died in .

(A) 1923
(B) 1933
(C) 1934
(D) 1924
Answer ⇒ B

17. ‘The Island Pharisees’ was the important work of

(A) Premchand
(B) Anton Chekov
(C) John Galsworthy
(D) Katherine Mansfield
Answer ⇒ C

18. How many assistant Mr. Gessler keep to assist him in his work?

(A) One
(B) Two
(C) Three
(D) None
Answer ⇒ D

19. Mr. Gessler made ……………… boots.

(A) bad
(B) kind
(C) old
(D) good
Answer ⇒ D

20. Mr. Gessler advertised his trade.

(A) True
(B) False
(C) Sometimes
(D) None of these
Answer ⇒ B

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