3. Polythene Bag

Bihar Board Class 10th English Objective Question Answer 2024 Most Populer Mvvi Question Answer in Hindi

3. Polythene Bag

[ 1 ] Polythene Bag’ makes ………. noise.
(A) squeaky
(B) chirpy
(C) harsh
(D) soft
Answer⇒ (A) squeaky

[ 2 ] Who wrote the poem ‘Polythene Bag’ ?
(A) Alexander Pope
(B) Durga Prasad Panda
(C) Vidyapati
(D) Periasamy Thooran
Answer⇒ (B) Durga Prasad Panda

[ 3 ] “Polythene Bag” when left to itself…………. environment.
(A) pollutes
(B) decorates
(C) beautifies
(D) enriches
Answer⇒ (A) pollutes

[ 4 ] Burnt ‘Polythene Bag’ exudes-
(A) Pungent smell
(B) Pure smell
(C) Pleasant smell
(D) Peculiar smell
Answer⇒ (A) Pungent smell

[ 5 ] When ‘Polythene Bag’ touched it makes a ……. noise.
(A) strange
(B) squeaky
(C) peculiar
(D) none of these
Answer⇒ (B) squeaky

[ 6 ] Where is the ‘polythene bag’ buried ?
(A) in the earth’s crust
(B) in a garbage bin
(C) under the ground
(D) in water
Answer⇒ (B) in a garbage bin

[ 7 ] In the ‘Polythene Bag? the germs of disease keep on ……….
(A) melting
(B) hurting
(C) running
(D) growing
Answer⇒ (D) growing

[ 8 ] What causes pain ?
(A) Noise
(B) Germs
(C) Soul
(D) Hurt
Answer⇒ (D) Hurt

[ 9 ] Pungent means …………
(A) Poisonous
(B) Smell
(C) Dirty
(D) Sweet
Answer⇒ (A) Poisonous

[ 10 ] Durga Prasad Panda is mainly …
(A) Hindi Poet
(B) English Poet
(C) Urdu Poet
(D) Oriya Poet
Answer⇒ (D) Oriya Poet

[ 11 ] A Polythene Bag is …………., for the environment.
(A) useful
(B) eco-friendly
(C) harmless
(D) harmful
Answer⇒ (D) harmful

[ 12 ] Polythene Bag’ is a …………….
(A) story
(B) novel
(C) drama
(D) poem
Answer⇒ (D) poem

[ 13 ] Good environment makes our life-
(A) sad
(B) happy and healthy
(C) painful
(D) unhappy
Answer⇒ (B) happy and healthy

[ 14 ] Durga Prasad Panda is alan-
(A) Nepali Poet
(B) Indian Poet
(C) British Poet
(D) Burmese Poet
Answer⇒ (B) Indian Poet

[ 15 ] Polythene. Bag melts down when a little …………… is applied.
(A) chemical
(B) warmth
(C) fertilizer
(D) water
Answer⇒ (B) warmth

[ 16 ] Durga Prasad Panda composed the poem in ….
(A) Hindi
(B) Urdu
(C) Nepali
(D) Oriya
Answer⇒ (D) Oriya

[ 17 ] What comes back again and again ?
(A) Hurt
(B) Soul
(C) Pain
(D) Sorrow
Answer⇒ (C) Pain

[ 18 ] The feeling of ‘hurt has been compared to ………….
(A) The earth’s crust
(B) The environment
(C) a garbage bin
(D) a Polythene Bag
Answer⇒ (C) a garbage bin

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