8. Martha objective question answer 2024

Class 10th Bihar Board English Martha objective question answer 2024

[ 1 ] Martha used to tell her stories to the ……..
(A) villagers
(B) children
(C) army
(D) people
Ans:-(B) children

[ 2 ] Martha’s stories have a …… effect.
(A) noisy
(B) tranquil
(C) rowdy
(D) crazy
Ans:-(B) tranquil

[ 3 ] Martha’s voice was-
(A) slow
(B) high
(C) cursed
(D) sweet
Ans:-(D) sweet

[ 4 ] Martha had small lovely ..
(A) head
(B) chin
(C) eyes
(D) lips
Ans:-(A) head

[ 5 ] In the poem “Martha’, what is the colour of martha’s eyes ?
(A) Grey
(B) Blue
(C) Black
(D) None of these
Ans:-(A) Grey

[ 6 ] Which of the following statements is false, according to the poem ‘Martha’ ?
(A) Martha tells her stories over and over again.
(B) Martha would tell her stories in greenish brown valley.
(C) She would sit with clasped hands round her neck.
(D) Her stories have a tranquil effect.
Ans:-(C) She would sit with clasped hands round her neck.

[ 7 ] Martha used to tell ……… stories.
(A) interesting
(B) wonderful
(C) enchanting
(D) mythological
Ans:-(B) wonderful

[ 8 ] With what words did Martha’s stories begin ?
(A) once upon a time
(B) over and over again
(C) long-long ago
(D) once….once upon a time
Ans:-(D) once….once upon a time

[ 9 ] Martha would sit with her two ………
(A) slim hands
(B) long hands
(C) short legs
(D) long legs
Ans:-(A) slim hands

[ 10 ] What does Martha do in the hazel glen ?
(A) Makes merry
(B) Tells her stories
(C) Wanders
(D) Sleep
Ans:-(B) Tells her stories

[ 11 ] Who has composed the poem ‘Martha’ ?
(A) Walter dela Mare
(B) William Shakespeare
(C) William Cowper
(D) Alexander Pope
Ans:-(A) Walter dela Mare

[ 12 ] Martha’ chin was—
(A) wide
(B) flat
(C) broad
(D) narrow
Ans:-(D) narrow

[ 13 ] Martha’, had clear and …….. eyes.
(A) blue
(B) grey
(C) white
(D) red
Ans:-(B) grey

[ 14 ] Walter de la Mare was a ………….
(A) Ancient Poet
(B) Modern Poet
(C) Mediaval Poet
(D) None of these
Ans:-(B) Modern Poet

[ 15 ] The stories of Martha were full of-
(A) hatred
(B) wonder
(C) fear
(D) tragedy
Ans:-(B) wonder

[ 16 ] Martha was a ………
(A) Preacher
(B) story teller
(C) teacher
(D) speaker
Ans:-(B) story teller

[ 17 ] Martha’s stories were about ……… and fairies.
(A) oldmen
(B) children
(C) gnomes
(D) witches
Ans:-(C) gnomes

[ 18 ] The Poet knew Martha when he was a ……..
(A) teacher
(B) shopkeeper
(C) servant
(D) child
Ans:-(D) child

[ 19 ] Martha began her stories once ……..
(A) again and again
(B) at a time
(C) once upon a time
(D) one on a time
Ans:-(C) once upon a time

[ 20 ] Children sit on their elbows …………..
(A) down
(B) up
(C) below
(D) lolled
Ans:-(D) lolled

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