Love Defiled objective question

1. The narrator and his girlfriend were labelled as what kind of couple

(A) inseparable
(B) the made for each other
(C) suitable
(D) unfit of unmatched
Answer ⇒ B

2. What was the nature of the girl ?

(A) Gentle
(B) Naughty
(C) Beautiful
(D) None of these
Answer ⇒ A

3. Which of the following is represented by the Girl ?

(A) A latest prototype of modern educated girl
(B) A classic prototype of modern educated girl
(C) An old prototype of educated girl
(D) None of these
Answer ⇒ A

4. Who was not honest in his relationship?

(A) The girl.
(B) The Narrator
(C) The Author
(D) None of these
Answer ⇒ B

5. Love Defiled’ is a story about the relationship of the narrator :: with his

(A) Brother
(B) Girlfriend
(C) Sister
(D) Cousin
Answer ⇒ B

6. The narrator finally realised that he was not …………… enough to become an IAS officer.

(A) Intelligent
(B) Determined
(C) Strong
(D) Happy
Answer ⇒ A

7. The narrator …………… up with his girlfriend.

(A) Broke
(B) Drove
(C) Beat
(D) Patched
Answer ⇒ A

8. The author went to his ex-girlfriend’s marriage unescorted by his

(A) Wife
(B) Parents
(C) Sister
(D) Children
Answer ⇒ A

9. The narrator realised that his character was as ……….. as his looks.

(A) Handsome
(B) Ugly
(C) Charming
(D) Attractive
Answer ⇒ B

10. ‘Love Defiled’ was published in .

(A) 1990
(B) 1992
(C) 1993
(D) 1996
Answer ⇒ D

11. Giridhar Jha is a .

(A) writer
(B) journalist and script writer
(C) poet
(D) none of these
Answer ⇒ B

12. The narrator promises to marry his girlfriend if he becomes an .

(C) doctor
(D) professor
Answer ⇒ B

13. The narrator declined to marry his girl-friend later :

(A) due to his age
(B) due to his parental opposition
(C) due his misfortune
(D) none of these
Answer ⇒ B

Love Defiled objective question 2024

14. What did the narrator of Love Defiled’ finally become ?

(A) reporter
(B) writer
(C) journalisti
(D) nothing
Answer ⇒ C

15. Who was the only person who really understood the narrator of ‘Love Defiled”.?

(A) his friend
(B) his master
(C) his servant
(D) his girlfriend
Answer ⇒ D

16. The writer of “Love Defiled’ is a senior journalist and scriptwriter based in

(A) Delhi
(B) Patna
(C) Muzaffarpur
(D) Purnea
Answer ⇒ B

17. Witty to the hilt’ means same as

(A) quarrelsome
(B) invariably
(C) very humorous
(D) None
Answer ⇒ C

18. ……………… Was short, sophisticated and handsome.

(A) The girlfriend
(B) The editor
(C) The narrator
(D) None
Answer ⇒ C

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