Class 10th Bihar Borad English Me And The Ecology Bit Objective Question answer

Class 10th Bihar Borad English Me And The Ecology Bit Objective Question answer

“मैं और पारिस्थितिकी” कक्षा 10, बोर्ड परीक्षा 2020 के लिए महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न, मैट्रिक 2020 का वस्तुनिष्ठ प्रश्न 2020, और मैट्रिक 2020 आपत्ति प्रश्न का मॉडल पेपर। अंग्रेजी 10वीं कक्षा वस्तुनिष्ठ प्रश्न 2020। मैं और वातावरण कुछ हिंदी

1. The narrator told Mr. Williams not to burn leaves as it is ……… for the air and ecology.

(A) excellent
(B) bad
(C) good
(D) helpful
Ans:-(B) bad

2. The author of ‘Me and the Ecology Bit’ used to meet people and create awareness about—

(A) Importance of health
(B) Importance of money
(C) Importance of ecology
(D) Importance of play
Ans:-(C) Importance of ecology

3. In ‘Me and the Ecology Bit the post office was ……….. from Mr. Johnson’s house.

(A) one block away
(B) three blocks away
(C) two blocks away
(D) four blocks away
Ans:-(C) two blocks away

4. “Me and the Ecology Bit? is all about —

(A) Preserving water resources
(B) Preserving environment and ecology
(C) Preserving forest resources
(D) Preserving human resources
Ans:-(B) Preserving environment and ecology

5. In the essay “Me and The Ecology Bit’, the narrator has a ……… route.

(A) domestic
(B) paperi
(C) metallic
(D) none of these
Ans:-(D) none of these

6. Jon Lexau is the writer of ………

(A) The Pace for Living
(B) Acceptance Speech
(C) Me and The Ecology Bit
(D) Gillu
Ans:-(C) Me and The Ecology Bit

7. Which of the following statements is false according to the essay ‘Me and the Ecology Bit?

(A) Jim uses paper route to convire the peop
(B) Jim gives suggestions on ecology free of cost
(C) Mr. William was not convinced by Jim.
(D) People easily get convinced by Jim.
Ans:-(D) People easily get convinced by Jim.

8. How many blocks away was the post office from Mr. Johnson’s house in the essay ‘Me and The Ecology Bit’ ?

(A) Five blocks
(B) Two blocks
(C) Three blocks
(D) None of these
Ans:-(B) Two blocks

9. Which animal messes up Ms. Greene’s yard ?

(A) Elephant
(B) Donkey
(C) Dog
(D) Monkey
Ans:-(C) Dog

10. Which one is not one of the slogans in ‘Me and The Ecology Bit?

(A) Save Earth
(B) Save Tree
(C) Save Mountain
(D) Save Water
Ans:-(C) Save Mountain

11. Jim asked Mr. Greene to keep the old newspapers for the school-going children, who ……….. them ?

(A) burnt
(B) bought
(C) read
(D) collected
Ans:-(D) collected

12. Jim told Mr. Johnson that it would – reduce …….. and save ecology if he did not use his car for travelling to short distances-

(A) petrol
(B) pollution
(C) weight
(D) diesel
Ans:-(B) pollution

13. Who has written the essay ‘Me and the Ecology Bit?

(A) Joan Lexau
(B) Satyajit Ray
(C) Aung San Suu Kyi
(D) Toni Morrison
Ans:-(A) Joan Lexau

14. Who was going to the post office ?

(A) Jim
(B) Johnson
(C) Mr. Greene
(D) None of these
Ans:-(C) Mr. Greene

15. In “Me and the. Ecology Bit”, the narrator talks about how he advises every body what they should do to protect the …….. ,

(A) elderly
(B) ecology
(C) children
(D) pedestrians
Ans:-(B) ecology

16. Who shows awareness to ecology ?

(A) Mr. Greene
(B) Johnson
(C) Jim
(D) Mr. William
Ans:-(C) Jim

17. Ecology relates to …………

(A) forest
(B) environment
(C) high mountain
(D) hill
Ans:-(B) environment

18. What did the author advise Mr. William to do ? :

(A) To pile leaves for selling
(B) To pile leaves for burning
(C) To pile leaves to get compost
(D) None of these
Ans:-(B) To pile leaves for burning

19. The harmful (poisoness) gases affect –

(A) factory
(B) forest
(C) ecology
(D) egg beater
Ans:-(C) ecology

20. There is a law in this town about keeping dogs …..

(A) on the board
(B) on a leash
(C) in the house
(D) in the garden
Ans:-(B) on a leash

21. Who went to the post office by car ?

(A) Mr. Johnson
(B) Jim
(C) Mrs. Greene
(D) Mr. William
Ans:-(A) Mr. Johnson

22. Jim’s mother used up …………. by watching television all the time.

(A) time
(B) electricity
(C) gas
(D) petrol
Ans:-(B) electricity

23. Which word is known as ‘filth’?

(A) Compost
(B) Ecology
(C) Garbage
(D) Fertilizer
Ans:-(C) Garbage

24. What did the author do for environment ?

(A) By awaring people
(B) Doing plantation
(C) Avoiding pollution
(D) To ‘burning leaves
Ans:-(A) By awaring people

25. Where was Mrs. Greene piling newspapers ?

(A) In the garden
(B) To her garbage bags
(C) In the courtyard
(D) In the lawn
Ans:-(B) To her garbage bags

26. When Jim calls Ms Greene, Mrs. Greene she ……….

(A) scolds him
(B) laughs at him
(C) does not pay him change
(D) does not talk to him?
Ans:-(C) does not pay him change

27. Who uses the electric mixture ?

(A) Sim
(B) Johnson
(C) Ms Greene.
(D) Jim’s mother
Ans:-(D) Jim’s mother

28. Where does Jim go ?

(A) Mr. Johnson’s house
(B) Mr. Greene’s house
(C) Mr. William’s house
(D) None of these
Ans:-(A) Mr. Johnson’s house

29. To whom house did the author go ?

(A) Mr. Greene
(B) Mr. William
(C) Mrs. Greene
(D) Johnson
Ans:-(B) Mr. William

30. Mr. William is a character from

(A) Me and The Ecology Bit
(B) Gillu
(C) The Pace for Living
(D) Acceptance speech
Ans:-(A) Me and The Ecology Bit

31. What did Jim see his mother using ?

(A) A Juicer
(B) A grinder
(C) An electric mixer
(D) An oven
Ans:-(C) An electric mixer

32. Where was Mr. Johnson going ?

(A) To the hospital
(B) To the office
(C) To the market
(D) To the post office
Ans:-(D) To the post office

33. What did. Jim’advise Mr. Johnson to do ?

(A) Walk to the post office
(B) Drive to the post office
(C) Take a car to the post office
(D) Do not go the post office
Ans:-(A) Walk to the post office

34. Who says, “Go pick up that gum wrapper”?

(A) Johnson
(B) Jim
(C) Mr. William
(D) Mrs. Greene
Ans:-(D) Mrs. Greene

35. “Me and The Ecology Bit is an essay which deals with …….

(A) ecology
(B) gardening
(C) farming
(D) horticulture
Ans:-(A) ecology

36. Who does not have change to pay attention of the author ?

(A) Mr. Williams
(B) Johnson
(C) Mrs Greene
(D) Jim
Ans:-(C) Mrs Greene

37. It is hard to get people to work for …….

(A) farming
(B) themselves
(C) business
(D) ecology
Ans:-(D) ecology

38. Who preaches his neighbours about ecology ?

(A) Johnson
(B) Jim
(C) Mr. William
(D) Mr. Greene
Ans:-(A) Johnson

39. Ms Greene is putting her garbage out for the weekly pick up on …….,

(A) Sunday
(B) Monday
(C) Saturday
(D) Wednesday
Ans:-(B) Monday

40. We should keep the ………….. in dustbins to save our environment.

(A) wastes
(B) raw materials
(C) papers
(D) plastic
Ans:-(A) wastes


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