Love Defiled objective question

1. The narrator and his girlfriend were labelled as what kind of couple (A) inseparable (B) the made for each other (C) suitable (D) unfit of unmatched Answer ⇒ B 2. What was the nature of the girl ? (A) Gentle (B) Naughty (C) Beautiful (D) None of these Answer ⇒ A 3. Which of … Read more

Two Horizones objective questions answer

1 The dai8 hter admires her mother’s undiminished (A) grievances (B) fear (C) grieve (D) enthusiasm Answer ⇒ D 2. The features of two letters are simple exchange of ………… between a mother and an educated middle class daughter? (A) Anger & tears (B) Sadness & Illness (C) Love & affection (D) None of these … Read more

Sun And Moon Objective Questions

1. Except whom, everyone was very happy about the prepara tions for the party ? (A) Sun (B) Moon (C) Both (D) None Answer ⇒ A 2. Why did the mother not allow her son to join the party ? (A) Due to childhood of Sun (B) The party was organised only for adults (C) … Read more