Bihar Board Exam The January Night Question Answers

Bihar Board Class 10th Exam 2024 English Bihar Board Exam The January Night Question Answers vvi Objective Questions Answers || 2024 Ka Questions Answer For English मिलेगा जो की आपको मैट्रिक Exam में अच्छा नंबर लेन में सहायता करेगा यह पर आपको Pdf भी मिलेगी जिसके सहायता से आप Exam में उच्च नम्बर ला सकते है और आप अपने Friend को शेयर कर के उसे भी अच्छा नंबर लेन में सहायता कर सकते है |

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[ 1 ] Munni advised Halku to hire himself out as a ………..
(A) shopkeeper
(B) farmer
(C) tenant
(D) labourer
Ans:-(D) labourer

[ 2 ] Halku heard some munching and crunching sounds coming from the ……..
(A) fields
(B) house
(C) groves
(D) forest
Ans:-(A) fields

[ 3 ] Halku needs a ………….
(A) bedsheet
(B) blanket
(C) pillow
(D) shawl
Ans:-(B) blanket

[ 4 ] Halku needs a blanket while watching over …………
(A) garden
(B) palace
(C) orchard
(D) fields
Ans:-(D) fields

[ 5 ] Munni is a character of the story-
(A) January Night
(B) Allergy
(C) The Bet
(D) Love Defiled
Ans:-(A) January Night

[ 6 ] When did Halku get up ?
(A) at noon
(B) at midnight
(C) In the morning
(D) In the evening
Ans:-(C) In the morning

[ 7 ] How many characters are there in the story of January Night’ ?
(A) Two
(B) Three
(C) Four
(D) Five
Ans:-(B) Three

[ 8 ] Which of the following work of Premchand was banned by the British Govt. ?
(A) Nirmala
(B) Godan
(C) Soye Vatan
(D) Gavan
Ans:-(C) Soye Vatan

[ 9 ] How did Halku keep himself warm in the field at night ?
(A) By burning wood
(B) By using a heater
(C) By burning leaves
(D) By using a blanket
Ans:-(C) By burning leaves

[ 10 ] What was the Pet name of Premchand ?.
(A) Bahadur Rai
(B) Ganpati, Rai
(C) Dhanpat Rai
(D) Khelari Rai
Ans:-(C) Dhanpat Rai

[ 11 ] What is the well known work of Premchand ?
(A) Panchtantra
(B) Git Govinda
(C) Kadambri
(D) Godan
Ans:-(D) Godan

[ 12 ] Halku was a ……..
(A) rich farmer
(B) factory worker
(C) watchman
(D) tenant farmer
Ans:-(D) tenant farmer

[ 13 ] January Night’ is a story of the ………..
(A) Summer night
(B) Autumn night
(C) Winter night
(D) None of these
Ans:-(C) Winter night

[ 14 ] Munni had save …………… rupees for blanket.
(A) three
(B) two
(C) four
(D) five
Ans:-(A) three

[ 15 ] Halku’s field was destroyed by-
(A) oxen
(B) nilgais
(C) goats
(D) cows
Ans:-(B) nilgais

[ 16 ] Where did Halku sleep ?
(A) with his dog
(B) in his farm
(C) before the ashes
(D) in his house
Ans:-(C) before the ashes

[ 17 ] Who is the main character in the story “January Night’ ?
(A) Veekhu
(B) Halku
(C) Shekhu
(D) Harkhu
Ans:-(B) Halku

[ 18 ] At the end of the story, Halku is .
(A) Sad
(B) confused
(C) angry
(D) contented
Ans:-(D) contented

[ 19 ] Halku’s field was destroyed by-
(A) jabra
(B) bear
(C) nilgai
(D) sheep
Ans:-(C) nilgai

[ 20 ] Halku sat before the fire and let it ……… him.
(A) warm
(B) cold
(C) Both
(A) and (B)
(D) None of these
Ans:-(A) warm

[ 21 ] The story ‘January Night’, has been written by ……….
(A) John Galsworthy
(B) Giridhar Jha
(C) Premchand
(D) Anton Chekhov
Ans:-(C) Premchand

[ 22 ] The name of Halku’s wife in ‘January Night’ was—
(A) Chunni
(B) Munni
(C) Tunni
(D) Banni
Ans:-(B) Munni

[ 23 ] Premchand was a profile writer of dan-
(A) Urdu and Tamil
(B) Hindi and Urdu
(C) Hindi and Punjabi
(D) Hindi and Maithili
Ans:-(B) Hindi and Urdu

[ 24 ] Halku worked as ………….
(A) a tenant farmer
(B) an engineer
(C) a supervisor
(D) a doctor
Ans:-(A) a tenant farmer

[ 25 ] What did Halku want to buy ?
(A) a cow
(B) a blanket
(C) a house
(D) a dog
Ans:-(B) a blanket

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