bihar Board 2024 class 10th English objective Questions chapter 6 Once Upon A Time मैट्रिक परीक्षा 2024 का प्रश्न उत्तर

bihar Board 2024 class 10th English objective Questions chapter 6 Once Upon A Time

[ 1 ] The old woman was :

(a) foolish
(b) wise
(c) shy
(d) bold
Answer ⇒ B

[ 2 ] The young people asked the old woman a question whose answer could only be given by one who could :

(a) hear
(b) smell
(c) read
(d) see
Answer ⇒ D

[ 3 ] The old woman was ……… enough to know she could not help the young people.

(a) stupid
(b) intelligent
(c) strong
(d) suspicious
Answer ⇒ B

[ 4 ] The sadness of the slaves made them sit with their…………. bent.

(a) wrists
(b) shoulders
(c) spoons
(d) legs
Answer ⇒ B

[ 5 ] Every one of the slaves knew that the next stop will be their :

(a) first
(b) second
(c) fourth
(d) last
Answer ⇒ D

[ 6 ] Who is the author of this article ‘Once Upon a Time ?

(a) Aung San Suu Kyi
(b) R.C. Hutchinson
(c) Toni Morrison
(d) Rohitan Mistri
Answer ⇒ C

[ 7 ] Who is the first black woman to receive Nobel Prize?

(a) Aung San Suu Kyi
(b) Toni Morrison
(c) Amrita Pritam
(d) None of these
Answer ⇒ B

[ 8 ] When did Toni Morrison receive the Nobel Prize ?

(a) A.D. 1990
(b) A.D. 1992
(c) A.D. 1993
(d) A.D. 1994
Answer ⇒ C

[ 9 ] Which of the following awards was also given to Toni Morrison ?

(a) Booker Award
(b) Remon Magssessay
(c) Politzer
(d) None of these
Answer ⇒ C

[ 10 ] Which of the following is the recent novel of Toni Morrison?

(a) Merchant
(b) Paradise
(c) Apartheid
(d) None of these
Answer ⇒ B

[ 11 ] How was the old woman ?

(a) Blind
(b) Wise
c) Softly Spoked
(d) A.S.U
Answer ⇒ D

[ 12 ] What is the position of old woman in her neighbourhood ?

(a) Hatred
(b) Respected as Rural Prophet
(c) As quarreling woman
(d) None of these
Answer ⇒ B

[ 13 ] Why did the young people visit the old woman ?

(a) To say her to leave her house
(b) To disprove her clairvoyance
(c) To approve her clairvoyance
(d) None of these
Answer ⇒ B

[ 14 ] What disability did the woman have ?

(a) Fatness
(b) Unable to move
(c) Blindness
(d) Could not talk
Answer ⇒ C

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